Moving home with Sky TV


sky home moveMoving your Sky TV

  1. One of our qualified Sky engineer can install your Sky TV, including:

    • The engineer will ensure that the system is in good working order and if required, we will replace any cabling/parts.
    • All work completed is covered by a 90-day warranty.
    • If you’re thinking of upgrading your box, this is an ideal time to do so.

    You can install your Sky box yourself if you have a dish already installed in your new property and the previous owners had the same cable type as you (Standard Sky boxes have a single-feed cable to the dish while Sky+ and Sky+ HD boxes have dual-feed cables). If you have different cable types, you will need a Sky engineer to install your Sky system. If you have Multiroom, you'll have to ensure that it's already set up in the rooms you wish to watch Sky in.
  2. We don't recommend booking your installation for the same day as your move, in case there is a delay getting into the property.
  3. The Sky engineer will require a phone line to be active at your new address, so make sure that you have arranged for your phone services to be activated there before your Sky TV engineer comes to install Sky TV in your new home.

If you are not going to be available on the day and time you've booked your engineer visit, please try to let us know. We will arrange another appointment as soon as we have an engineer available.

When you move, make sure you take all your existing equipment to your new address:

  • Sky boxes
  • Viewing cards
  • Sky remote controls
  • SCART leads / HDMI cables
  • tvLINK (where appropriate)

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Don't forget to have the full address and postcode of your new home, your moving date if applicable and your mobile telephone number.

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