Sky Multiroom

What are the features of Sky Multiroom?

  • Watch different Sky channels in different rooms all at the same time
  • Allows different members of the household to get the most out of the hundreds of channels on Sky

Which channels can I watch with Sky Multiroom?
Your Sky Multiroom service mirrors your main subscription. You can watch channels that are part of your subscription package, and record them if you have a Sky+ or Sky+HD box. Those programmes you purchase individually, such as Sky Box Office movies, sports matches and events, are only able to be viewed on the box they were booked on and will be billed individually.

How many Sky boxes can I have running from one dish?
Your satellite dish can support up to eight "feeds" and the total number of boxes depends on the type you're using.  Each Sky and SkyHD box requires a single feed/cable from the satellite. Sky+HD boxes each require two feeds/cables as they both allow you to watch one channel whilst recording another at the same time. Each box will need a separate Multiroom subscription. Here are some examples of the types of combinations:

  • 8 standard Sky digital boxes showing live content
  • 8 SkyHD boxes showing live content
  • 4 Sky+HD or Sky+ boxes recording one show and watching another
  • 1 Sky+HD or Sky+ box and 6 standard Sky digital boxes

Will my viewing be interrupted if someone starts watching Sky TV or answers the telephone in another room in the house?
Not at all, with Sky Multiroom, all boxes are independent of each other so your viewing is never interrupted.

Can I take my Sky Multiroom setup with me when I move home? Yes - when you call Sky to tell us that you're moving, you will be told what equipment you need to bring with you. When you move into your new home, the engineer will put your boxes in the rooms that you specify as we help you relocate your Sky installation.

How long does a Sky Multiroom subscription last?
A Sky Multiroom subscription is subject to a minimum 12-month contract, whether you start with a Multiroom subscription when you get Sky for the first time, or add a Multiroom subscription and additional Sky boxes to your existing Sky package.

During the initial 12 months of your contract, you can upgrade your equipment and/or channels package whenever you want.

Sky Box Office movies and events can only be viewed on the box they were booked on and will be billed individually.

All the Sky boxes in your home must be connected to a working telephone line.

Are Sky Active and Sky Anytime available with Sky Multiroom?
Yes, although Sky Anytime is only available with Sky+HD boxes and subscriptions.


Can I watch the same channels in every room with Sky Multiroom? Your Sky subscriptions determine which channels you can view - this is not limited by your Sky Multiroom package. You might have a Sky+HD box and subscription for your living room, for example, but a regular Sky Digital subscription for your bedroom. You would be able to watch standard Sky channels in both rooms, and in the living room you would also be able to watch High Definition channels. Sky Box Office movies and events can only be viewed on the set top box they were booked on.

Does Sky Multiroom affect my Sky Broadband & Talk subscription?
No, Sky Multiroom will have no effect on your Sky Broadband or Talk subscription.

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