Data Network Upgrade to a Sheffield Manufacturing Plant

We were asked to carry out a number of upgrades to the data networks across 6 sites of a major Sheffield manufacturer.  As well as the installation of data cabinets, server rack upgrades and fibre optic cables we installed multiple Cat 6 UTP and FTP connections across a number of admin offices and workshops. 

Laser links provided connectivity to remote buildings as well as underground connections for road crossings.

The installations took place in a mix of office spaces and live industrial works, at ground level and at heights which meant that our engineers had to undergo detailed site inductions and take extreme care whilst carrying out duties.  Specialist equipment was used to gain access to high areas over the works.


Installation in numbers;
- 6 sites including working steel works
- 48 data cabinets
- 85 single mode fibre optic cables
- Kilometers of 24 element, single mode fibre cable

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